Sunday, May 5, 2013

We're what?

OK,so the number one question we've gotten since being home is..."How are you/Pacey/the girls adjusting?"

Good question. Uh. I'm thinking on it. I guess it's a revolving process,and it changes each day. So bearing that in mind,here are some general adjustment thoughts.

One, Pacey is doing WELL. I mean,really. He is doing well,considering what his life looks like now as opposed to what it looked like just a month ago. The last few days we spent together in EE was rough. There was no routine,schedule,or comfort for any of us. By that point in our trip,we were tired,hungry,just done. We had brought 3 outfits for him,but he ruined them with spit up on the first...oh,3 he was completely filthy,and we didn't have time to wash his clothes and wait for them to dry. By the time we got home,he was dirty (well,so were we. I warned my mom that we smelled kinda bad...seriously needed clean clothes.) He was eating some concoction of Russian formula that we found at the market. I don't even know what type of formula it was. He was falling asleep wherever his little head was. It was just survival.

Once we got home,we were worn out. The first 3-ish days were just about waking up,feeding him,and then putting him back to bed. He was still on Ukraine time,and so were we. I was waking up all hours of the night,and deliriously tired all hours of the day. I was SO SO SO thankful that we decided to go to my mom's house for a week. We so needed a little time before we jumped in with both feet. It was nice to have family there,that support we received was invaluable.

I mean,it's surreal. When we first got to the airport,Julianna kept saying it felt like a dream. It did! You have this little picture,and you pray over it for months,and then it's real,and you're all..

Oh. This just got real.

Yeah. Like that.

Each day got progressively better,and even though I was tired,I knew that bonding and attachment were super important. So,I made sure that I fed him every bottle,changed diapers,bathed,clothes,and held him as much as I could. I wanted to show him that I am not a revolving care-taker. I am the bonafide mommy!

We spent a week at my mom's,and then headed to Erik's sisters for the night. We visited with some of Erik's family,and then headed to our home. I mean,I felt kind of bad for the kid because by the time we got home,he had slept in 7 different locations. I was happy to get him home. He desperately needed stability.

So,now we've been home for a week,and things are going well. I quickly put Pacey on a strict schedule. He was/is malnourished,and so I wanted to make sure he was getting good,healthy food and plenty of sleep. You really have to start with the basics. Also,we want him to know that we sleep in the bed,and then get up and PLAY! He was just so used to laying in a crib all day,and everything in his little world revolved around that crib. Not anymore,buddy!

As of today,just a few weeks in America,and one week home? He's thriving. He takes 2 naps a day,and sleeps through the night. He is learning to eat baby food/soft food/puffs/cheerios. I think he's actually starting to like it! Also,he was super traumatized by his first few baths. He would just scream and wail as soon as we set him in the water. Now? He likes to hold his sisters mermaid,and splash in the water. :) He also loves playing on the floor,with everything. He gets into the dog bowls,computer cords,door stoppers. Sometimes he actually plays with toys. ;) Oh,and he can sit up unassisted now,too.

I can't really tell you what it's like to watch a child come to life before your very eyes. I really can't. It's redemption. It's amazing. It's love.

I'm so thankful we said yes.....

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