Sunday, January 15, 2012

Julianna's 1st day of K

Well,after much debate,we decided to go ahead and start Julianna in Kindergarten. I really couldn't find any more Pre-K work to do,and she was beyond ready to move ahead. So,I ordered her curriculum in December,and after her birthday weekend,we were ready to go.

Just for reference, I am using Heart of Dakota "Little hearts for His Glory" as our base curriculum. I LOVE it. Love,love,love. I also add in Adventures in Phonics K,A reason for Handwriting K,and for math- Singapore Essentials A&B and Logic (I'm doing logic on a pre-k level,since I didn't cover it in PK). The curriculum covers science,history,art,thinking games,motor skills,and Bible. This is a completely Bible based curriculum,which is the most important thing to me.

We are done with our first week,and it's been so much fun. Generally,I put Tillie down for nap at 1,and then Nina and I get to work. It takes around an hour to get everything done (phonics takes the longest at 30 minutes). Then,I give her a little bit of homework,and she still has an hour of free time to do whatever she wants. It's working out so nicely.

Here are some pictures from our first day. If you have ANY questions about curriculum specifically,or scheduling,or anything really,let me know. :)

We start off the morning with the calendar. I am doing it right now while the girls eat breakfast,but pretty soon,it will be Julianna's job.

Here's my teachers manual. What I love are how the boxes are laid out. It's so easy to read through it quickly while the kids eat lunch,and then hop to it! On the left side are the more fun things,and the right side is the more academic work. I usually switch back and forth. So,we will do a phonics worksheet,and then do a motion activity,where she gets to jump around.During our morning reading time,we read in Genesis and talked about how God created the Earth,and all the things in it. One of our activities included going in the bathroom with the lights off to experience the dark,and then Julianna turned on her flashlight,and we talked about the light. (It was dark in there,but my flash was on).
Math worksheet. Easy peasy stuff. Julianna asked me for harder math work..soon enough,little one. ;)

Julianna did a puzzle of the 7 continents to continue learning about the world God made.Reading time. Phonics include going through sight word flashcards,reading 2 stories out of her learners,and then doing one phonics worksheet. Not her favorite activity,but not everything can be fun.
Then we got to take a break,and do a rhythm activity where we did body movements to different continents. We leapt to North America,waddled to antartica,and clip clopped to Europe. She loved this!
Onto some general motor skill/color/cutting/pasting activity.

And that was our first day of school. We also drew a picture of what God created on day 1,started learning the 1st Bible verse of the year,and did a math worksheet.

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