Friday, January 13, 2012

Julianna turns 5!!!

Oh,it can't be true. My little love is 5 years old!

We had a wonderful family day together,celebrating the birth of our sweet,smart,precious big girl. Julianna is growing in so many ways. I stand amazed on a daily basis that God would see fit to bless me with two sweet girls. I am so unworthy,but above all,thankful!!

What a darling little gal!

We went to Chuck E Cheese for fun,games,and...
We came home and opened presents (strawberry shortcake extravaganza)!
And ate some yummy cake. Mommy ate way to much yummy cake LOL.

The stash. Like I said,strawberry shortcake everywhere. This is primarily what the girls play with,on a day in/day out basis.

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