Thursday, December 1, 2011


I went back to last year on my blog,and I can't find any posts about our Elf on the Shelf. I think he's been around for 2 years,and this year I was so excited to bring him out for the girls!

Julianna named him snowy last year,and it took me a few days to remember his name. Of course,it didn't matter much,because once he came out,I found that Julianna didn't remember what she named him,either. Oh well,he came with a letter from Santa,and it was signed Snowy,so that's who he is. I decided to make a cute little display to surprise the girls when they woke up. They loved it! I just bought a few supplies from the Dollar Tree,so this wasn't expensive. Each morning,the girls have excitedly woken up and looked for their Elf. Here's a few pictures:

There were "snow donuts" in the little canister,and (powdered sugar) "snow" sprinkled around it.

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