Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's been a month?

I guess it has.

So,how's life in Alabama?

Well,thanks for asking. It's good.

The girls and I have settled into a nice little routine. We stay home every day but Wednesday,when we go to the library for story/craft/snack. Thank goodness for that,because it is a nice break from the mundane. Oh,and afterwards we go to Goodwill (my favorite store). The one here isn't as impressive as what I'm used to,but I usually find a thing or two to bring home. ;o)

Erik had 10 days off for TDY,and that was nice. He's back at work for a week,and then he gets Christmas leave for 2 weeks. We might head up to Charlotte for a few days,but that hasn't been decided,yet. On his normal day,he gets up at 4:30,heads to work at 5:00,and gets home around 5:30. It's a long day,for sure! I really purpose to have the house clean and dinner almost ready when he comes in,so he doesn't have to do anything at home. He already works enough at.. work,so I just want him to come home and relax.

I made the leap and ordered Julianna's kindergarten curriculum! Whew. I'm so excited. We have basically worked through every single preschool curriculum I can find,so I think we're ready to move on to K. I just have to place her in math,and order that separately,and then we should be ready to start. I don't know when exactly we'll start,but I'm thinking late Spring. She really loves doing her "work",and she is just so smart! I'll make a post soon about what preschool looks like for us.

We still haven't found a church we're solid on,but we're not done looking. We've been to 3 so far. The first one,I talked about in an earlier post. It was very contemporary. The second one was SO far from that. It is an old church,Southern Baptist to the core. Traditional hymns,traditional dress,etc. We went there twice,and Erik really liked it. I didn't feel the conviction.Although,I am wooed because they have AWANAs, Mission Friends, Wednesday night Dinner, and I like all of that. Oh,and they do Mothers Day Out one morning a week, which would be nice. So,last week we went to another one that was basically the same. This one was also a traditional Southern Baptist church,but it was a little more upbeat. We didn't get to hear the pastor preach because they had a missionary speaking. The missionary turned us off,for several reasons,and although I want to give it a 2nd chance,because the people there were SO nice,I don't know if we will,or just go somewhere else.

The thing that confuses me most is that we have been to 3 churches,and we are the only military family there. The people are so kind and Erik has been thanked for his service more times than I can count. I just thought there would be lots of military families in the community,but apparently not. Also,there aren't nearly as many kids as the chuches we go to. At our old church,which was military focused ministry,the biggest percentage of the church was the 0-5 age group. I'm not kidding. I think there were around 20 one year olds each week in the nursery. We had 5 separate nurseries for all the kids!! At the churches we're visiting,there's usually 1 nursery for ALL the kids,and there might be 5 in there. It's just so strange. We are in a whole new territory.

Sooooo,all that said,we're just waiting on some direction from the Lord on that!

Wow,this got longer than I intended,and there's some disobedience going on that I must correct. :o)

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