Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Pictures 2011

OK,here they are,the Christmas pictures! We had such a good day being at home together. It was really nasty and rainy out,so we just opened presents in the morning,spent the afternoon playing with toys,and ended the day with a birthday party for Jesus! A perfect day. :)

Here's the picture I took before the kids came out. :) It looks like a lot,but it wasn't too bad. Our tree had low lying branches,and nothing could fit under it,so everything had to go around it.
We made the girls wait at the door together before they went out.

A bike! YAY! Strawberry Shortcake,too. That Santa is a nifty fellow. ;o)

Tillie got a cozy coupe! She loves driving her car.We let the girls play with their Santa present for a few minutes,and then we let them open one gift. They each got a baby doll. Tillie got a read haired blue eyed Bitty Baby,and we named her Emma.

Julianna got an Our Generation doll,and she named her Mckenna.

After they played for a few minutes,we ate a big breakfast together. Cinnamond rolls,deviled eggs,bacon,and fruit salad. It was SOOOOOOOO yummy,and it helped stretch out the time a little bit.The girls got dressed and were ready to finish opening presents!

Erik got some new football long sleeve shirts,a Bible, nutcracker,and some Harry Potter DVD's he didn't have.
Julianna and her Ariel set,this is the one thing she consistently asked for!
Tillie got a wagon with blocks in it.
Awh. Erik did such a great job with presents this year. He got me a kitchenaid stand mixer,new pots and pans (the ones we were using were a wedding gift,we definitely got our use out of them.),tupperware,this little willow tree angel for my collection..
and my favorite gift!!!! This has a little plaque for each base we've been to. I love it!
After we opened gifts,the kids wanted to go outside so bad,and try the bike and car,but it was pouring down rain. So out came the castle from Aunt Sara & Christie.

The girls worked on coloring it for a while..and then got in and had some secret meetings. It was all sort of sketchy to me lol. It was great for keeping them busy since we couldn't go out.
Here I was attempting to get Julianna's baby doll outfit on. Those things are more difficult than they look!
Here's Till with her stash.

Julianna with her stash.
After a little nap,Erik threw a huge steak on the grill,and we had a nice dinner. Then,we had a birthday party for Jesus.The girls helped me decorate the night before,Julianna made a poster and everything!
Erik read the Christmas story from the family Bible,and we talked about how Jesus' birth was different than when I had the girls.

We lit the cake,sang happy birthday REALLY loud..

and then ate some yummy red velvet cake Julianna helped me make the day before. :)

After the birthday party,we did stockings.

And ended the night with the girls wearing matching jammies with their baby dolls (made by the VERY talented Nonny,who made their baby dolls a bag of clothes each!!)

Like I said,perfect day.

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What a special day for a special FAMILY!!