Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just a little update on where we are with the move...

We have movers coming October 18th. They will pack and load our stuff in one day,and it should be in Georgia,ready to be delivered,by October 24th. My wedding ring will be on my finger and accounted for at all times. ;o)

We are also doing a partial Do-It-Yourself move. Basically,this means,we get paid to move the stuff we're taking with us. We are estimating 1000 pounds that we'll be moving ourselves.The majority of that will be the boat. He had to completely empty his truck out,take it to the weigh station,get an empty weigh ticket,and then when we pack his truck up,he will go back and have it weighed again.

The housing office is coming by today for a walk through,where they will assess the condition of our house,and tell us if we'll be charged with anything. I don't anticipate any charges,since we've kept the house in tip-top shape. We will do our final move out inspection on October 20th.

We will be officially leaving Ft. Campbell on October 22nd. Erik has 19 days of leave,and he will report to his new unit on November 10th. This will help us get settled in,find a church,find our way around our new community,and rest a bit before the new job adventure begins!!

Erik is heading down to the area tomorrow to look at houses. We are looking at renting off post,and we have 6 GOOD prospects for houses. I set up appointments for him,and we are just praying that the Lord will provide wisdom and discernment as he locates a home for our family.

Julianna is done with school. Her last day was yesterday. The kids are off for the rest of this week for parent teacher conferences. Then,they have a week of Fall Break,and then 2 more days where the teachers in Pre-K are getting new furniture and have to set up new rooms. Right now,we are planning to homeschool for Kindergarten,but we'll get more into that later.

Our last soccer game is this Saturday. It's so bittersweet to watch it end. Julianna has had a good time,and truth be told,so has Erik! He enjoyed the children way more than he thought. We won our last game,and we're hoping the end the season with another win!

I have passed the torch on my teaching responsibilities at church. Talk about bittersweet. Lots of tears as I've come to terms with leaving our wonderful church behind. Erik and I were both baptized there,and we love being in this body of believers. I trained the new Sunday school teacher taking over in 1st grade,she is very sweet and will do great with the kids! I also taught my last Bible Study last night. The Lord has been so faithful to provide replacements. I have really enjoyed watching Him work through the prayers of our class to provide a new teacher. I am hoping I will get to teach again,I love it so much!!

All in all,we are wrapping things up,and getting ready to head on. We are just praying that we can bring God glory in all we do! Thanks for checking in with us. Hopefully,I'll be able to share some good news about a house shortly! ;)

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