Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Muffin Tins continue!

I found a new muffin tin the other day while I was browsing around at Goodwill! It was the BEST part of my trip. Prior to that...

Julianna was being a little pill when we first got there. I had already reminded her twice to stay with me (she kept wandering over to the toy table). So,then she came over and started pushing Tillie around in the cart. I asked her to stop,and stand with me. Next thing,I knew,the cart was toppling over,and Tillie was flying out. They don't have seatbelts in carts at Goodwill. :( Poor Tillie Boo. She landed on her head and fell over the bottom part of the rack.

Momma was furious

Let's just say discipline followed that little incident,and then we went back in the store so I could finish looking for what I wanted.

Then,I happened upon the muffin tin,and that helped my blood pressure go down a bit. :)

applesauce,berry mix,chicken,trail mix with raisins/almonds/m&m,and carrots with ranch.

1/2 a OB honey sandwich,okra pickle and cucumber with ranch,applesauce,1/2 banana,berry mix and M&M.

Turkey and cheese rolls,grapes,almonds,salad,animal cookies and granola ball.

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