Thursday, June 2, 2011

Muffin Tin Lunches

I found this blog called Muffin tin mom a few weeks ago,and I fell in love with the cuteness. What a great way to spice up lunches. I knew Julianna would love it. I found a 6 muffin tin at Goodwill,and I got to work. Here are a few samples of lunches I've done.

soup,carrot sticks,grapes,teddy grahams,hard boiled egg,and juice!

rolled turkey,string cheese,cucumber slices and ranch,grapes,canteloupe and peanut butter crackers.

PB & honey sandwich,banana slices,cucumber slices/ranch,string cheese and yogurt with M&M's.

PB& honey sandwich (cut in heart shapes),string cheese,okra pickle,orange,strawberries and sweet tarts. I think I ended up giving her something else after this,because she was still hungry.


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Super Mom strikes again!!!