Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BIG Jules

Well,since I have 2 children,everything must be fair. You simply can't make an update on one child and not the other. The left out child might end up in therapy years down the road over it..or something.

My spunky Julianna,who now prefers to be called BIG Jules (leave the big out and she'll call you on it),is barreling through 4 with a speed that's causing motion sickness. I just don't know where one day goes before the next one comes,and we're onto some new discussion,idea,or the like. I have to admit,as much as I love the baby stage,this one is quite fun,too. We can talk about things more in depth than before,and she seems to grasp concepts that I present to her.

Right now,I am working on pre-k activities with her. Right now,my goal is to spend 1 hr. 2x/week working on it. Once the Fall rolls around,and we get back to normal with daddy at work,my goal is to bump that to 3x/week. My goal for kindergarten is 4x/week,with one day off for "field trips". Right now,we are starting work on beginning letter sounds,and we spend some time every night playing on Starfall (it's a free online preschool/phonics website). Julianna is confident with her uppercase letters,gets slightly confused on a few lower case ones,and can identify numbers to 20. She is counting to 40,says the Pledge of Allegiance (so cute),and loves sitting at the table doing her schoolwork. I love seeing the lightbulb come on,when we work on something new and she masters it! So much fun!

I am hoping to enroll her in a tap/dance class in the Fall. That will help promote coordination,and listening skills. My friend has her daughter in a studio that she really likes,so I have the information packet,but I decided to wait until Fall to enroll her. Once Erik gets home,it's going to be crazy for a while,and I don't want to put her in and have her miss a recital.

Otherwise,I have a happy,healthy,very active 4yr. old who is a huge helper with little sister. I am so thankful for my "big girl" (who still hasn't broken 30 pounds lol)!

Jules opening her Valentines basket. :)


DAD said...

The grand daughters are so cool . .we shoulda had them first!!LOL

Pop's said...

You better keepyour blog I enjoy the pictures and the storys.Always makes for a good laugh those girl's are too wild.

We love you Ellie