Thursday, February 24, 2011

W28 WI

I am going to try not to ramble or get long-winded here,but this has been a very tough 2 weeks on the weight loss front. I have,officially,hit my first weight loss plateau. And. It. Sucks.

They say the closer you get to your goal,the harder the weight is to lose. I think there are a few factors playing into this. First,I am pretty much at my high school weight. As well as I can remember,because this was a few (ahem) years ago,I was in the low 150's during 10/11th grade. So,I think my body just doesn't want to budge anymore.

As far as my eating,it is pretty much perfect. I eat whole grains only,stay away from "white" products,and eat lean cuts of meat. I drink water like a fish,eat an apple a day,and keep my calories strictly at 1200. And,I'm not losing like I should be. It is so discouraging. I am trying to start working out again,because I haven't really been doing that since it got cold. I am doing some exercise DVDs my friend loaned me,along with some other little things I can do in the house.

I am going to try this for another week,exercising and eating normally,and if I don't see some real results,I am going to rethink my plan here. Part of me thinks I should go have a splurge meal this week,to ramp things up,but part of me is scared to death to go over my calories for fear I will start to gain.

So,I actually have a loss this week,but it's nothing to brag about,considering I hit 154 two full weeks ago,and I've just been fighting to get back to it since then. My google weight tracker looks a bit like a rollercoaster. Sigh.


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