Monday, November 15, 2010

A new stroller!

So,I decided it was time to get Tillie an umbrella stroller for those short trips around town. I will be taking my full size stroller home to keep there,and then keep the jogging stroller and umbrella stroller here. So,I found this cute little stroller at Target for 20 bucks,and used some of my birthday gift card to buy it. I brought it home,and put it together to try it out. Julianna decided that it was just her size,and she needed to push Tillie around in it. ;) So,she got to work giving Tillie a tour of the house. Now,what cracked me up was that Tillie thought she was some kind of superstar in the stroller,and just went around the house waving and smiling at everything she passed.

She was just as cheerful as she could be...

Despite the fact that Julianna ran her into the wall at least 15 times while she was pushing her!

Still,she maintained her sweet disposition and enjoyed the ride LOL! I have a feeling this won't be the last time the stroller comes out in the house for a ride.

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