Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bathtub Bubbles

Bathtub time is always fun with these two! I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures of Tillie in the big girl bathtub the other day,and Julianna begged me to take some of her,too. I told her we have to be very careful about taking pictures,making sure we don't show anything that's private. She told me if I showed my privates- "daddy would give me a spank." Whew,what would I do without her good advice to get me through the day? LOL!

Tillie standing up on the side of the tub and blowing bubbles. (Don't you love her big curl on the top?)

I told Julianna to lean in and I would take a picture of just their faces,and Tillie went straight for the eyeball!
I love a sweet smelling baby!
What a little cutie,although she doesn't looks a thing like me haha! I still think she looks a little like Uncle Justin.

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