Thursday, August 12, 2010

WW W1 Update!

Since I already have my Wordless Wednesday posts on,well, Wednesday,I decided to have my weekly update on Thursdays!

Week in review:

Daily Points: 36
Days Stayed on Points: 6 (I went over one day by 3 points)
Starting Weight for Week: 197.8
Week 1 Weight In: 194.8 (-3.8)

All in all,I'm pleased with that number. I know that even with nursing,the weight is not going to fall off. I have a little extra something to contend with,called Poly cystic Ovarian syndrome,and so every pound will be a battle.

Looking forward to next week,I have 3 goals:
1) Exercise for 30 minutes 3 days a week,outside of our nightly walk.
2)Switch from Pepsi to Sprite. I am going to beat this soda addiction once and for all. First step,move to non caffeinated,and then go from there. It might take me more than a week for this one,because I seriously love my Pepsi. It's my morning "coffee"
3) Cut down to 35 daily points.

Also,I might have to get sneaky with myself. I wasn't able to keep myself from standing on the scale 2x a day like I thought. I have little willpower when I see it waiting for me in the bathroom. I may put it in the laundry room,all the way on the other side of the house. Out of sight,out of mind?

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