Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Time.

Do you remember the list I made of things I want to do while Erik's gone?

Well, #3 was lose 60 pounds. Since it's was the only thing on the list I haven't worked on,I decided to get serious about it.

I had a brief thought about doing Atkins diet,after I saw that Drew Carey recently lost 80 pounds on the no carb diet. But,no. I know I wouldn't last for more than a week without bread. So,onto Weight Watchers it is!

What I like about WW is that,1) I've lost weight on it before,2) It has a program especially for nursing moms, 3) I can eat whatever I want,as long as I count it,and 4) it is a free program,if you do a little legwork (or in this case,webwork haha).

So,now I will divulge my weight. ::GULP:: I'm sweating. I'm trying to get my fingers to type the numbers,but my hands are shaking. Yikes,this is hard. Ok, starting weight on June 15th,2010 was 201.4. OK,there,done with that little nasty detail. Whew. Now,as of August 7th,it is 195.8. A bit of progress! Here's my goal: 140. So,I have 55-60 pounds to lose. I really only need to lose about a pound a week,which is do-able,as long as I stay focused.

So,here's my plan: Weigh myself only twice a week,Wednesdays and Sundays. Now,let me admit that I am a scale junkie. I like to weigh myself twice a day,at least. But,I don't want to exclusively focus on my weight,so I will allow myself to weigh twice a week only! I am also going to journal my food everyday to keep myself accountable on the point system. Right now,I am trying to find the right point range for me. With the nursing mothers program,you get 10 extra points,BUT,I'm not nursing a newborn anymore,and the sessions are pretty short,so I don't think I need ALL 10 points. I started with 8 this week,so 36 points total,but I think beginning on Wednesday,I will go down to 35 and see how that goes.

I also need to add in exercise to my daily routine,and I think my best bet is doing the exercise TV on Demand. I like the Leslie Sansone walking videos.

So,that's where I am right now. As I go through each week,my goals and ideas might change,but the main thing I want to accomplish is a lifestyle that is about healthy food and exercise!

I might try to weigh in on Wednesdays,and do an update for my readers. I will also be sharing some links I have,and other tidbits as we go. :)


Christa said...

I know how it feels about being a slave to the scale! I'll weigh myself multiple times a day too. I'm hovering right around 195-200 as well so I know how hard it is to get the pounds off. Good luck!

Mom said...

Go girl!