Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday!

On this Tuesday,I'll be tackling this bit of chaos!

And how did this happen?

Well,since you asked..I was going through the closets last week and noticed there were an awful lot of toys stuffed in corners and on shelves in the closets. Some of them were even from Christmas,still in the box. Do you see the problem here? So,I took every single toy from the house and put it in the playroom. I purposed to go through every toy in there,and keep the things that were 1) being played with frequently and 2)that Tillie could get use out of,too. So,I went to work on Friday after leaving Erik. (It was a great project to keep my mind off things).

Do you see my fat baby in her exercauser?

I made Julie help me,explaining the whole time about how we were going to give these baby items and toys away,once we finished. We are so blessed,and we are called to give to the poor. There are so many instances in the Bible where Jesus calls us to sell what we have and give to the poor. Believe me,the great deceiver was whispering in my ear,telling my how much money I might get for the baby clothes at Once Upon a Child. He was saying,what if you have another baby,what then? Well,Devil,I am going to TRUST that God will provide for us in that situation.

So,we are actually taking all of this stuff to a place on post called BackDoor Boutique. It's a free service by the YMCA. If you are in an E-5 or below,you can make an appointment and go pick up things you need. You have 15 minutes to shop,and you can take 2 grocery bags full of stuff out.

Another upside of this,my playroom is clean,and my closets are organized!

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