Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun!

The girls are in bed,time to make their baskets! Erik's pretending to be the Easter bunny,he's special. :)
Erik hard at work on Julianna's basket. Thanks to Gigi,Nonny and the Easter bunny,the baskets were overflowing with goodies.
Tilly's 1st Easter basket! ( I made hers,Erik did Juli's)
Now,we're just waiting for the girls to wake up and see what the bunny brought them!
Girl 1 is up and super excited!

Checkin' out the loot!

Here's girl 2!

A little unsure of what's going on here...
So,daddy steps in to help out lol.

Notice the princess necklace Juli made him wear haha!
My 2 sweeties. Gosh,I love these girls!

Time for the Easter egg hunt!

Blowin' some bubbles.

She loves bubbles!

We had a fantastic Easter,the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our time together so much!

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Cindy said...

Love the tu-tu's.