Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Update of Sorts..

By my calculations,I have about 15 minutes to write out this post before my little fatty wakes up. So,here we go..

1) Welcome Spring! We are loving it. We are spending so much time outside. Julianna runs up and down the street,plays at the park,chases the big kids around while they ride bikes and scooters. Matilda chills in the sling or sits in her bouncy seat. It is so nice to get fresh air! We are considering getting a cabana for the Summer so I can put my chairs under there and lay the baby on a blanket so we won't get to much sun.

2) After being on the waiting list at housing for 10 months,we are finally being offered a new house. The problem? One of the houses they offered us is OLD and very ghetto. The other one is nicer and much bigger,but no yard. The best part of our house now is that we live in a cul-de-sac and there is no one behind us. So,by default we have a huge yard,and the kids can run all around in the cove without worrying about through traffic. Plus,we know all of our neighbors here and all of the children play together in the afternoons. It is such a nice,quiet neighborhood. Erik's leaving the decision up to me,and we all know I can't make a decision. Oh,and the other problem is that Erik is going to school in May and I'm going home. Sooo...? I am definitely going home,my mom already has her plane ticket to come visit and help us drive home. So,we might just end up staying here a while longer.

3)Look for my new post on Saturday where Julianna will be showcasing all of her "work" for the week. We are homeschooling for preschool,because I called to get her enrolled at the post preschool,and there's a 6 month waiting list. I should have known,everything on this post has a waiting list!! So,I am teaching her at home,and she is very excited to show off her work. :)

Ok,well that's all for now. Coming up,a 2 month update on Tilly!

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