Saturday, March 27, 2010

Housing Update!

Just a quick update on our housing situation. We went to the housing office on Friday and asked if there were any houses in other neighborhoods for us to look at. They gave us a few options in a neighborhood about 2 miles from where we live now. I really liked one of them! It is a 3bd/2bth singly story house (which is my favorite feature). It also has a 2 car garage,a driveway big enough to put both of our cars in,and there is no housing behind us. This is nice,because the kids and dog can run around back there. We have a nice playground right down the street,too. So,there are some perks. Of course the drawbacks are that we have to leave our current home,street and friends. That's a bummer,but,we definitely need a bit more room for the girlers! :)

We are moving in 10 days,so I have quite a lot to do in the next week. Of course,pics to come after we move.

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