Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm back!

Hello there!

I have about 30.2 seconds before the baby busts loose,so I have to make this fast. As you all know,baby Tilly has joined our family. We are completely head over heels in love with her. It seems like she's always been here,really. However,our newest addition is very demanding,and I am finding it hard to get a shower everyday,much less post a birth story and pictures! I would love to share more about her,and I will,just as soon as I get a free moment. Overall,though,to answer the most common questions: Julianna is doing fabulously with her! She holds her all the time,and is always bringing her blankets and pacifiers when she cries. I think talking to her so much about babies really helped prepare her. I am feeling well,considering. Recovery is taking longer this time,because I haven't really followed the "rules" and relaxed like I should. Who has time,though? Between the 2 children,dog and husband,someone always needs something. So,I'm still slightly sore by the end of the day,and of course a bit tired. Austin is doing well with the baby,he seems more protective of her than I thought he would. Erik is handling babyhood better than he did with Julianna ( thank God!),but he still has a hard time with the crying and such. Luckily,she isn't nearly as fussy as Julianna was,so that makes it easier. Overall,we are adjusting very well to our newest member!

Tilly had her 2 week appt. yesterday and she weighs 6.7 pounds,5 ounces over her birth weight. She is still a tiny little thing,but filling out quickly. She is a completely healthy little girl,and we are beyond thankful for her. I'm trying to soak up every spare moment I can,because Erik says no more babies! :*( I might be spoiling her just a little bit,but if she's my last baby,what do I have to lose? ;)

OK,so stay tuned for pictures and a birth story,hopefully by the end of this weekend.

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