Thursday, January 21, 2010

A quickie..

Just a quick little post to let you all know that...I am still pregnant LOL!

I had a great doctor's appt. on Tuesday. She guessed the baby would be 7ish pounds,her hr was in the 130's,my BP is still doing fantastic,and I've lost a few pounds this week. The baby is in the right position for birth,and I'm 4 cm dilated. So,basically,we're just waiting for her to evict!

I'm trying to stay cheery,and not let my emotions get the best of me,but it's getting hard. At this point,everything just hurts. There is no comfortable position to sit/stand/lay in. I am exhausted all day long,but don't sleep at times. I am very thankful that everything is going so well,I really am,I just want to see my little sweetie's face and give her a squeeze.

On the name front,Erik said he has one picked out that he's been saying in his head for a while. I told him to just tell me when she's born,I'm tired of talking about it. So,I guess it will be a surprise to all of us! He knows the ones I liked,so I don't mind letting him pick the final name.

Hopefully the next time I update,there WILL be a baby picture included!

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