Saturday, November 21, 2009


Here are a few pictures of our sweet baby at 30 weeks! Our ultrasound went very well. She is in a head down position,anterior position. Also,she measures exactly 30 weeks and is 3 pounds! Hefty,hefty,hefty! She should be about 8ish pounds when she's born if she continues on this track. I am so,so thankful that everything is perfect. Now,these are only pictures of her face,the rest of her is kinda smooshed up in there,so we didn't get any good shots of those. However,you can see her very well in these pictures,and she does not look like Julianna at all. I will put Julianna's 32 week facial shot here for comparison.

PS-This little babies mouth did NOT stop moving the entire ultrasound. Seriously. I'm scared.


I know they are slightly hard to see,but I notice that baby sister has much bigger cheeks,smaller eyes,and a different nose. I don't want to get my hopes up to high,but this might just be a baby Lindsay! ;)

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Gigi said...

I think I see a little more Lindsay in that face. She's beautiful. Gigi can't wait to get her hands on her.