Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Girls' Room

Ok,here are the pictures of Julianna & baby sister's room! The room is roughly 10x12,so needless to say,it was a challenge to make it work. There is only ONE way to make it all fit,which is how it is right now. The baby probably won't sleep in her bed for a while,but will still use the changing table and dresser to store clothes and diapers. So,without further adieu:

The hairbow holder! I made this,bought the shelf from Hobby Lobby,painted and sanded it to look 'distressed' and then put the hairbows and ribbons on there. Really happy with how it turned out!

The coat rack. It has Julianna's coat and towel on it right now,but I would like to get the girls matching personalized towels soon.

Julianna's bed. We took the rail off when we came back from NC. Bedding is Shabby chic from Target.

J's name, I made these,too. These are the same letters she's had since she was born. I have painted and re-painted them a hundred times.

J's dresser. We got the dresser for free and I painted and sanded it. I made the lamp with fake flowers from Hobby Lobby,and I did her bulletin board,too. I used scrapbook paper and chipboard letters.

Moving on to baby sister's side of the room. Here's the changing table!

The Armoire. There's a picture frame,bunny,and radio for lullabies up there.

Crib: Bedding is Kayla from PBK. I think it matches Julianna's bedding without being to "matchy-matchy"

Inside of the crib. I got the boppy this weekend. Now,all I need is a double stroller and new sling.

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Gigi said...

Aren't you a crafty girl. Everything looks so nice. Can't wait to see a little baby in that bed and a name to go with her.