Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ok,I guess my blog haitus has lasted long enough. Six weeks later (feels more like 6 days),and I think I am ready to start back up. Thanks for being patient with me while I took a break.

Now! Here we are,November 3rd,and what is going on in the William's household?

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina visiting with our friends and family. We were home for 5 weeks,and it flew by. It was so relaxing and wonderful though,I came back refreshed and ready to prepare for baby!

Julianna is edging closer to 3 by the day. Two months and she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday. No one is more sad/excited about this than me. She is turning more into a little lady by the day. Potty training is mostly behind us now. She still wears a pull-up at night,but daytime/naptime is completely done. She goes completely on the big potty. Also,and this is very recent,the PACK (pacifier) is gone!! I really wasn't up to taking it away from her,BUT she lost the only one she had,and so we just told her it was lost,and she had to sleep without it. Amazingly,there has been no real issue with it. I am terribly said about it. One,because I want to find it,and put it in her baby box,but she really did lose it. Also,because that was her last piece of babyhood and she's growing up on me! Oh,and I also took the rail off of her bed. Again,I didn't think we would do that for quite some time,but when we went home,she slept in a bed at my moms house with no rail,and never even got close to the edge. So,I decided to take it off when we came home so she didn't become dependent on it. Sigh. I think she should just stop for a little while,can we do that? Just don't do anything new for a month or so,and let me catch up. ;)

It's not easy being a princess you know. :)

That's all for now. Look for a few pictures and a pregnancy update coming this week.

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