Thursday, August 6, 2009



Haven't posted this week. Here at the Williams house,we are trying to enjoy our last bit of Summer. The kids started back to school yesterday,so Julianna's "bess fwend" next door isn't home during the day. We still spend the majority of the evening outside,only to come in for snack,bath and then bed. This is the thing I love most about Summer,just sitting outside and letting the kids run themselves tired. Plus,my house stays a lot cleaner lol.

Julianna is 31 months old now! Wow. Sometimes I can't believe what a big girl she is. Her vocabulary is sky-rocketed,and you can carry on a full conversation with her about nearly anything. If you really want to get her talking,ask her about dinosaurs or rocket ships. Those are two of her favorite topics. :) She can say her ABC's fairly well,although the LMNOP gets her a little confused. She knows her colors like a pro,and she can count from 1-20. She loves to sing songs,like "Twinkle,Twinkle", "Row Your Boat",and she is learning "Rock a bye Baby" to sing to her baby brother or sister.

Speaking of,baby brother/sister AKA ricecake is doing well. I am almost 15 weeks and feeling slight flutters every now and then. I am feeling really great most of the time,and I only know I'm pregnant because I'm tired a lot,have to pee a lot,and think about chocolate milk WAY to much. Haha! We have 25 days until our ultrasound,and I can't wait!!!!!! I am so excited to see this little baby,get some new pictures to look at,and find out what we're having! After taking a poll from friends and family,the score is pretty evenly split boy vs. girl. I have a pretty definite idea of what we're having,so it will be interesting to see if I am right again. The general consensus was that Julianna would be a boy,but I knew from about 13 weeks on that she was a girl,and I was obviously right!

Erik will be off this weekend,and I'm sure he'll be out on the boat fishing all day Saturday. We don't have a whole lot planned,because it's tax free weekend,and I am going to try to stay out of that traffic nightmare LOL!

I hope everyone has a great weekend,and pics are coming soon!

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