Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have been slacking in the blog department this week,huh?

Let's see,we have been spending a ton of time outside. You might have noticed that the South had a bit of a cool spree,and the last week we've seen highs of 70. In July!! It has been wonderful. So,we've been soaking it up,hanging out in the yard or at the park whenever possible.

Because of the drastic drop in weather,we've all been suffering from some allergy/sinus type issues. We're not complaining though,the gorgeous weather more than makes up for it.

On the pregnancy front,I'm finally moving out of the 1st trimester! Woo-hoo. It seems like this pregnancy is going by so SLOW. So,I was hoping I would be feeling better,but we're not quite there yet. I'm still hopeful that in the next few weeks I'll get that wonderful 2nd trimester burst of energy. Unfortunately,I'm still battling mild nausea , horrible headaches (that there is no help for),and ACNE. My skin looks like something blew up on it. It is so frustrating,because I can't use my ProActiv,and nothing else seems to be working. I know it sounds like I'm doing a lot of whining (and I am,because this pregnancy is whipping me),but overall,I am so thankful to be pregnant with this baby. Although,I think this is going to be my last pregnancy. ;)

Onto Julianna- Last week,I noticed that she was getting a little big for her highchair. Her feet were hanging over the foot rest,and to be honest,I was getting really tired of picking her up and down out of it 3 times a day. So,when she went to school on Friday,we headed out to find her a small table and chairs to sit at to eat her meals. We did find a cute little Mickey mouse table that was just her size (and the right price)! She loves it! Absolutely just loves sitting at her big girl table. The first night she sat there,I had a few little tears. LOL! I just can't believe hot big my teeny baby girl is getting. She's out of her crib,highchair,and diapers! I love watching her grow up,but it's so bittersweet. How about a few pictures?

Here she is eating her first dinner at her table.

I decided to go with the Mickey Mouse so we could use if this next one is a boy or girl.
Drinking milk out of her big girl cup!

So,there's our tiny bit of news for this week. :)

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POPPY said...

She is such a BIG GIRL!!