Monday, June 29, 2009

School's In for the Summer?

So,what do you do when it's to hot to go outside,and you have a really bored 2 yr. old? Take her to daycare! Ok,well that only works one day a week,what about the other days? I had to ask myself this question last week after Julianna nearly drove me to drink with her antics. She was so bored having to hang in the house all day,and as a result, I had to dig into my box of tricks. I decided to start a 'loose' pre-school program with her. Here's what we're working on this week:

Letter of the Week : Aa
Shape OTW: star
Song OTW: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Color OTW: Yellow
Bible Story: Genesis 1
Bible Verse: God Created the Heavens and the Earth- Genesis 1:1

So,usually we get up and do our morning chores/routine,which is dressing,making beds,opening blinds,and starting a load of laundry. Then we eat breakfast,and she gets to watch a show on PBS. After we clean up from breakfast,we get started. We go over our concepts for the week,which is looking at the LOTW,and saying words that start with the letter. Then reading our Bible verse,saying it together,reading the Bible Story,and saying the verse again. After that,we read a book pertaining to the subject (this week: apples,alligators,stars,and creation). To end,we sing some songs together and then do a craft. This morning she colored a picture of A! This is only our second week,so as we go on,there may be some changes,but right now,this seems to be the right amount of work for her. Something even better,for the frugal moms,I didn't have to spend any money! I found some free worksheets online to print out,and borrowed books pertaining to our subject from the library. I'm also using Bible Stories for Toddlers (thanks Amber),and pulling Bible verses from there.
Here's Anna modeling her picture of the A she colored today!
Modeling her work.

Here she is playing the color game. I just cut squares out of construction paper,and then put them on the floor for her to match up.
She can find the colors that you ask her to,but then she gets confused and can't say them.

So,there's what we're working on this week!


DAD said...

Sound like a GREAT PROGRAM!!

Mom of Army Brats. said...

When you get to red heres a song, that Teo still sings

To the tune of where is thumbkin

R-E-D ( where is thumkin)
R-E-D ( Where is thumbkin)
I can spell red I can spell red ( Here I am, Here I am)
Fire trucks are red apples are too ( How are you today sir, very well I thank you)
R-E-D (run away)
R-E-D (Run away)