Sunday, April 12, 2009

So far,So good.

Happy Easter. He has risen!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day,and remembered the true meaning of this holiday.

We,the Williams fam,are very glad to be back together again. Erik came home about 8:30am yesterday morning,and we are really glad to have him home. Julianna was SO excited,as soon as she saw him,she just popped right up in the bed and said "DADDY"! She has since followed him around like a little puppy. Along with our real puppy,he hasn't had a moments peace. I don't think he minds though. :)

So,the Lord decided to teach me a little lesson. He's so good at that isn't He? Right when you get all high and mighty,He brings you back to Earth for a little lesson in humility. So,the night before Erik came home,we (the Lord and I) were talking,and I was just asking him to help me be open minded toward Erik,and not hang on to those bad feelings from the last time he came home. You know how sometimes you can convince yourself that you don't deserve
what has happened to you? Well,guess what? God didn't deserve to die on the cross for our sins, but he did. So,I was feeling a little guilty about my thoughts,but also kind of smug..and proud. Well,I took my cell phone to bed with me,and held it in my hand the entire night waiting for Erik to call. Next thing I knew,Austin was barking,and Erik was walking down the driveway. What? I opened the door for him,and I said,"hey,I was going to come get you!" He said,"well,I called you a few times,but you never answered." Can you see where this is going? I ran into my room and grabbed my cell phone,and sure enough,he had called,and I hadn't heard the phone ring,not even once. So,he had to get a ride home. Believe me,anything you're thinking right now,is not half as bad as what I was thinking about myself. I was SO mad at myself. How could I have let this happen?? No! I was ready,I went to bed with my clothes on,I had my phone in my hand,I can't believe I didn't hear it ring. What a disaster. I was so ashamed and embarrassed with myself. Then,I heard this voice,and it said, "See Lindsay,sometimes you can't control what happens in life,you have to forgive.We all make mistakes." Ahhh,and then it dawned on me. I think the Lord used this as an opportunity to show me that none of us are perfect,and I can't hang on to those bad feelings,because I am just as much as a sinner as Erik,and believe me,I heard the message loud and clear. I asked Erik to forgive me,as I did feel horrible about it,and he did.

So,we have started fresh. Wiped the slate clean. We have forgiven each other as the Lord has forgiven us.

Happy Easter. He has risen!

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MISH said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this. It was just what I needed to hear. I too need to let go of some bad feelings and memories of a loved one in order to move forward with them. I guess God works in mysterious ways. He spoke to you, you shared with us, and touch me!