Thursday, April 2, 2009


Right now,we are listening to Adult Top 40 on Music On Demand,and Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" is on,and Anna is singing it! Haha,we listen to music every day,but she never really notices it. This is the first time she's taken interest,and tried to repeat the words. OK,so it was more like she was screaming 'I'm Yours' really loud,but it was cute,nonetheless.

We got our Janie & Jack order today. I was going to send it back,because I've made 2 Gymbo orders in the last week,but when I tried it on,it was to cute to send back. We're just not going to mention it to Erik. He seems to think Anna doesn't need anymore clothes.

Hey Julianna,we're going to do a little fashion show! Why so sad? I'll give you a cinnamon bun if you cooperate.

Could you do a little pose for me? Wtheck is that,you're a robot now? I had no idea.

Ok,that's better,BTW this suit is a 3T,they run very small.
What are you doing now? Could you just...oh,forget it.
Oh,so cute! (I was dangling her cup so she would take a picture.) Shorts 18-24,Shirt 2T.

I did pretty good,one outfit,and one bathing suit. I told myself that I am not going to shop there anymore though,it's tooooo expensive.

For xx.00 dollars I got this at J&J:

For 20.00 dollars more,I got this from Gymboree:

So,obvi. I need to stay away from J&J. At least,I got a few things for this Winter. I'm buying 3T dresses,2T pants,and 3T shirts.

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