Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Little Me.

This is going to be a real treat,just a little post about ME! Now,how often does that happen?

If you are a SAHM,I'm sure you get some of these questions: What do you DO all day? Will you ever work again? When are you going to put (child) in daycare?

Or,better yet,some of these comments: Yeah,you've got it real hard, sitting home all day. Well,you could have taken care of that since you're home all day with nothing else to do. Wow,I wish I could do that,just stay home and do whatever I want to.

Yikes! Does it amaze you how much mothers who stay at home to raise their children are devalued in our society? It does me. I sure never thought I would hear some of the questions and comments I have. I feel like I am doing something important,and while I don't plan to do anything different,it does pain me to hear these things. I have always wanted to stay at home with my kids. Always.It has never been a second thought for me. I've never had career aspirations or imagined myself as a savvy business woman. Being a mom is what I was meant to do. Erik and I both agree on this point. He likes coming home from work to a clean house,with dinner in the stove,and a happy wife and baby waiting for him. We enjoy it just as much as he does. I really feel so blessed to do what I do. And I AM doing something!

Also,it isn't enough that family and friends think you sit around eating bon-bons all day,I also feel slightly shunned by people out and about. For example,last week Julianna and I went to the mall for the afternoon. I only wanted to go in Pottery Barn Kids,and then take Julianna to the playground. So,I go in there and one of the employees came to the area where I was at,and asked the other lady standing in there if she needed any help. Completely ignored me. Then,this lady dropped something porcelain and it broke all over the floor. Instead of telling anyone,she just picked up the big piece,sat it on the shelf,and went on shopping. As I was leaving the baby section,I let the saleswoman know what happened,since there were shards all over the floor,and she gave me a nasty look like I did it and was lying about it. Ugh. Then,I go to the checkout and lay my things on the counter. The cashier doesn't even look at me,but when the phone rings,she snatches it up and starts chatting. Then she says OK,I'll go find her for you,and before I could say anything,she was off looking for an employee. Now,I would have been OK if she would have let me know what she was doing,and excused herself. But she totally ignored me. Oh heck no. I was not happy. Not. So I complained when another cashier finally came up to ring me out. I get that a lot. Then I started thinking,it's because of how I look. The fact is,when I go out,Julianna is dressed to the nines,and I am usually a scrubby momma with t-shirt and jeans on. I am always clean and presentable,but when it comes down to time,the hair and makeup gets the basic so we can get out the door and run our errands. I'm sure you moms know how it is!

I feel like I don't get taken seriously because of this. It's a sad fact,but people are attracted to nice looking people,and treat them better!

So,here's my first New Years Resolution: Take time for ME. That's right,I am going to focus a little more attention on myself. Physically,Mentally,Spiritually-the whole shebang!! Now only will I feel better about myself,but others will,too. I wouldn't say I've let myself go or anything,I'm never going to be a knockout,but I could do more. I am 25 years old,I think it's time to step it up a little bit.

I'll get more into details later,but I have some ideas of how to accomplish this. Oh,and here's a picture of me in front on the Christmas tree,a rarity.

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